Our life journeys are powerful. They are even more powerful when we give them a voice.


[ J R N L S ] is a blog that goes beyond just words.It's about people. Real ones. People like you and me that want to be honest about themselves and share to everyone that it's okay to not be perfect. The blog was born from a small dream of one of the most unlikely person, that decided to go against the odds to pursue the reality of this - to give people a voice.  We all have something to share, we are all in this journey called life. And if our lives are like roads that lead to a common end, then we were never meant to travel them alone. In this journey we all have something within us that must be heard - and if our stories make who we are, then we must tell about them out loud.

We are giving voice to our journals. We are sharing our journeys. We are bridging the gap. We are in this together. We are [ J R N L S ].


André is an ordinary person that strives for something greater than himself - he is a dreamer that believes in and loves life. Brazilian by blood but currently living and exploring the lands of Sydney, Australia. Passionate about people, creativity and music, he has been investing his life into studying music and theology and is recently studying Masters in Design. He believes that life was meant to be lived to the fullest and that dreams are just waiting to be taken hold of. Recently he has been working on a blog called [ J R N L S ] that is all about people and their journeys. 


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Saint Finlayson - Editor

Anna Pontes - Translation and Editor

Rachel Santos - Editor

Mariana Barbeto - Editor